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Stripping & Waxing


Stripping and waxing floors is an important part of keeping your facility clean and taking care of your flooring surfaces. Today, everyone is faced with making decisions on how to stretch their maintenance dollars. Therefore, it is important to choose floor coatings that offer quality at an affordable cost. It is also important to choose the correct product for the type of flooring being cleaned.

There are several types of common flooring materials, linoleum, marble, quarry, rubber, slate, terrazzo, unglazed ceramic tile, and vinyl asphalt to name just a few. Each of them has its own particular composition and must be handled in different ways.

There are 8 steps that we follow when stripping and waxing floors:

  1. We dust mop to make sure all loose dirt has been removed and carefully remove any items, like gum, that are stuck to the floor surface.
  2. We post wet floor signs to advise the public and employees of the potential slipping hazard.
  3. We prepare the stripping solution according to recommended strengths.
  4. We apply the stripping solution to small sections of the floor and let it work for about 5-7 minutes depending on the materials involved and the condition of the floor.
  5. We use an auto scrubber with an abrasive pad to remove the existing sealer. For hard to reach areas a squeegee is sometimes used to remove build-up or stripping solution.
  6. We use the auto scrubber and sometimes a mop to remove the dirty stripping solution and water.
  7. We damp mop the floor with clean rinse water and allow it to thoroughly dry.
  8. We finish the process by applying the sealer of wax appropriate for the surface.

B&J Carpet and Tile Cleaning will give your business’s office or facility the professional look it deserves and prolong the life of your floors with our professional stripping and waxing services.


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